The “O, Yes” Challenge

It’s not a plank challenge!
It’s not a push up challenge!
It’s an orgasm challenge!
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is a minimum of 5 orgasms a week for 2 weeks.

Here’s why Female IQ Podcast thinks this is a “whoa”thy challenge:

1. Cortisol Flush

If someone told you that the key to stress relief, belly fat loss and better sleep was to make a magical smoothie of kale, avocado and chia seeds every morning, I bet you’d try it. Right? I would. But, what gets overlooked is how healthily you could start your day without ever getting out of bed! A orgasm first thing in the morning causes your oxytocin levels (the feel good hormone) to soar and your cortisol levels to plummet.

Want a flatter belly? Spend some extra time “getting it on” in the morning. Cortisol is your stress hormone and high levels of cortisol causes belly bloat, along with a arsenal of other not-so-awesome health problems. So, rather than getting out of bed already stressed about your to-do list, start your day with a clear mind.

2. Boosts Your Immune System

Orgasms feel way better than the flu shot, so have one every day. Having an orgasm can increase your infection-fighting cells by 20 percent.

3. It Clears Up Your Skin

As we stated before, an orgasm releases oxytocin which lowers your cortisol levels. This can also clear up any inflammation in your skin, making pimples less noticeable.

4. It Brings You Closer To Your Partner

If you’re planning on sharing your daily orgasm with your “SO,” it can strengthen your bond and relationship. Yep. Oxytocin also acts as a bonding agent and explains why you want to cuddle with your partner after sex.

5. It’s A Stress Management Technique

No one likes being snappy and stressed, which is exactly why having a daily orgasm is so important for your well-being. Sex has already been considered a great stress reliever, but all of those health benefits of orgasms, including the endorphins and oxytocin rush, really help make it a great way to blow off some steam.

6. It Regulates Your Period

Apparently, when you’re having an orgasm, that blood rush to your vagina is making sure to deliver all the healthy nutrients where they count.

7. It Replaces Sugar Cravings

An orgasm can actually replace your cravings for caffeine and sugar. It may not be an overnight success, but with daily orgasms, you might be able to give up your late night snack binge.

8. It Relieves Pain

Bad back, awful cramps, or just feeling achy all over? According to Women’s Health, an orgasm can relieve you of your pain because of the rush of endorphins.

So, are you ready to take the “O, Yes” challenge?

Sending U Good “Q”—Laura

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