The Skinny on Celery Juice

I try to never go bananas over new vegetable crazes—or any crazes, really. However, after hearing all the hype about celery juice, the journalist in me felt compelled do some research and experiment on my own body. Here’s what I found:

10 Essential Nutrients Fresh Celery Provides Us

  1. Vitamin K
  2. Vitamin C
  3. Folate
  4. Manganese
  5. Calcium
  6. Riboflavin
  7. Magnesium
  8. Vitamin B6
  9. Water
  10. Electrolytes

Top 10 Health Benefits of Celery (Dr. Axe)

  1. Helps Lower High Cholesterol
  2. Lowers Inflammation
  3. Prevents or Treats High Blood Pressure
  4. Helps Prevent Ulcers
  5. Protects Liver Health
  6. Benefits Weight Loss
  7. Boosts Digestion and Reduces Bloating
  8. Contains Antimicrobial Properties that Fight Infections
  9. Helps Prevent Urinary Tract Infections
  10. May Help Protect from Cancer

My Method

Step 1: I believe healthy cooking/living is best achieved when we plan ahead. So, my first step was to buy one bag of organic celery stalks, get out three 6-ounce mason jars, and plug in my Breville juicer (a product I just love) to make enough servings of celery juice for three days. (Yes, juice over time loses some of its nutrients but I knew I would not have time every morning to juice.)

Step 2: Each morning, on an empty stomach, I would drink my celery juice and wait an hour before eating or drinking anything else.

Step 3: Each day, I recorded how I felt after the celery juice and any other changes.


Unfortunately, from time to time I suffer from costochondritis, which can also create some issues with my diaphragm and reflux. I was experiencing a flare up when I started my three-day experiment with celery juice. By day three of drinking the celery juice, I noticed my inflammation was down and my reflux was gone. I also liked how the celery juice made my tummy feel settled and it made me want a smaller breakfast.

Take Away

Since my experiment, I have committed to drinking celery juice in the morning. I have noticed I no longer get acne before my period and when everyone around me got a tummy bug recently I survived unscathed. Lastly, though my digestion was already pretty good it seems to be even better (although this may be psychosomatic).

So, are you ready to try celery juice? I might be “juice” the thing for you!

Sending U Good “Q”—Laura and Becca

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