A New Mom’s Guide to Keeping Her S**t Straight

First time and new mom Frederika Fekete makes it look all too easy during her Female IQ Podcast interview about childbirth and motherhood. As her daughter Freja (pronounced Fray-ya), who is named after a Scandinavian goddess, sleeps like a legit baby goddess in her infant carrier, I am in awe. This was not how it went down during my first foray into mommydom. Five minutes into the interview, my daughter Ransom would have blown a diaper, started screaming, and I would have asked for a glass of wine.

Although I think Frederika mastered this whole mommy thing on her own, she claims the secret to her sanity/serenity are the following products:

Snoo Smart Sleeper — Get this: You do not have to buy this. You can rent it. But, if you’re thinking about having more than one child, you might just want to get someone (or some people) to buy it for you because it guarantees on average one to two additional hours of sleep a night and as a new mom this is HUGE. Plus, this gorgeous gadget will sleep train your baby (which is even “HUGER” for new parents). Developed by Dr. Harvey Karp, pediatrician and author of Happiest Baby on the Block, the Snoo basically puts your baby back in the womb and responds to fussing by rocking and playing white noise. (Note: Maybe there needs to be an adult version.)

The 7 AM BackPack — Stylish and practical are rarely used in the same sentence unless you’re talking about this “mompack.” It’s washable. It’s cleverly stocked with all the essentials like a changing pad. And it will not hit your baby in the face as you crouch down and change his/her diaper.

Beauty Counter Welcome Baby Gift Set — Self-described as, “The ultimate baby-shower gift for the ingredient-conscious mom,” this set includes a gentle all-over wash, tear-free body and hair cleanser, soothing oil, quick-absorbing skin nourisher, and daily protective balm. Basically, rather than you piecing a bunch of random products together, this takes the guess work out and gives your baby a skincare line that is safe and effective.

Totum Mother’s Support Cookies — Female IQ loves these cookies and neither Laura or Becca are lactating! Here’s why: Functional food is what we all should be doing and Totum’s owner, Erin Erenberg, is a local mama with a cool business plan.

Frida Upside Down Peri Bottle — Although in-hospital, postpartum products have improved to some degree, nothing replaces the Frida Upside Down Peri Bottle. I wish this simple but necessary item was available when I was birthing babies. As a birth doula, this is my new gift bag mainstay.

Sending U Good “Q”—Laura and Becca

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