College Myths Dispelled with Darcie Patrick

Parents, we don’t have to tell you that the thought, much less the act, of helping your child apply to college can be stressful. But, guess what?


Thanks to Darcie Patrick, founder and owner of College HHI, we can dispel some myths and make the college application process more of a celebratory rather than laborious rite of passage.

MYTH: It is never too soon to be talking to your child about college.

TRUTH: Yes, you can talk to your child too soon about college. The idea is not to stress your child out. There are so many life skills, like time management, having a sense of self worth and learning how to cultivate kindness, that need to be learned before you start pressuring your child to think about his or her higher education future. Darcie recommends starting some time after the 8th grade.

MYTH: It is never too late to start talking to your child about college.

TRUTH: Senior year is cutting it a little late, but Darcie has what is equivalent to an “Oh, S**t” package (our words, not hers) that essentially fast tracks the process and tries to get you up to speed effectively and as pain-free as possible.

MYTH: Parents should encourage their child to go to the best, most academically acclaimed and rigorous college as possible.

TRUTH: Parents should be realistic and, most importantly, focus on the best college fit for their child.

To learn even more myths and truths, as well as how you can best prepare for the college admission process, check out Female IQ Podcast’s full interview with Darcie.

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