Setting the Bar Low

I have a theory. Rather than thinking we need to be supermoms, what if we set the bar much lower? Like really low. Like always in yoga pants, perpetually five minutes late, purposely turned in subpar cookies for the bake sale, actually did not throw a birthday party for your child every year, and, when your child asked if she could take horseback riding lessons, you lied and said, “Horses? What is this mythical beast that you speak of?” kind of low.

SCENE: Mom is driving her SUV madly from one place to another dropping off her children at various activities wondering if she remembered to turn off the oven.

MOM (asking herself): What if I wasn’t a supermom all the time?

EPIPHANY FAIRY: You’d be a shiitake more happy.

In this scene, I’m your Epiphany Fairy and I’m here to tell you that by setting the bar low, you will:

  • Reduce your cortisol levels, therefore helping to manage belly fat, mood, anxiety and sleep.
  • Enable your children to do more things for themselves.
  • Enable your man-child hubbalicious to also do things for himself.
  • Give yourself much more well-deserved “me time” and practice self-care.
  • Find that you accomplish specific goals and feel empowered to make future goals.

For some moral support on setting the bar low, listen to episode 20 of What You Drinking?

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