Mining for Mindfulness

Laura and I, as well as probably you, are constantly trying to be more mindful or intentional about our every day life decisions and actions. While interviewing Jean Rioux of Jiva Yoga Center, Female IQ reaffirmed that mindfulness can come in many forms.

This is reassuring mainly because many of us feel stressed about de-stressing. Countless clients of mine, as well as of Laura, have expressed that they just cannot seem “to get out of their own way” when it comes to being present.

Female IQ wants to relieve any pressure you, too, might be feeling about getting centered, calm and focused. We believe we can all be more exploratory when it comes to mining for mindfulness. Here are a few options you can try digging in to:

  • Moving Meditation. Many people confess they cannot picture themselves meditating because they cannot or do not want to be “still.” Trust me, Laura and I suck at being still. We both are in constant motion. That is why both of us practice moving meditation in the form of walking, doing a slow flow yoga class, or some other form of gentle movement. The trick with moving meditation is to hone in on one aspect like your breathing, or tuning in your ears to environmental sounds or pushing away extraneous thoughts and simply looking at your surroundings and taking in the sights.
  • Grounding. Also called earthing, this is the practice of connecting with your environment and the Earth’s surface electrons by personally interacting with nature. Laura often does this by swimming in the ocean. Myself, I prefer walking barefoot on the beach.
  • Affirmation and gratitude. Another easy way to cultivate mindfulness is to take a few minutes to applaud yourself and or to thank the universe for your various blessings. Every morning I begin the day with a list things I am thankful for and every evening I thank myself for what I accomplished that day. (Note: Your accomplishments do not need to be grandiose. It can be something as simple and silly as, “Congratulations, Self, you remembered to floss.”)

Sending U Good “Q”— Becca and Laura

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