Happiness Myths

This week in my Happiness online course we learned that what many people think will make them happy actually will not. Professor Santos cited several studies that proved people are not necessarily happier if they:

  • Make more money. (Note: Happiness capped at the $75,000 salary mark.)
  • Lose weight. In fact, many people reported a significant decrease in happiness several months after losing weight.
  • Get plastic surgery. Similarly to the weight loss trend, people who thought that by electing to have a surgery like breast implants were actually less happy after their surgery.
  • Buy an expensive car. Studies found that accumulating expensive things did not improve happiness and even showed a decrease in happiness.
  • Get married. It turns out married people are just as happy/unhappy as unmarried people.

We also learned that happiness is not completely dependent on what happens in your life. Instead, happiness is 50% genetics, 40% actions and thoughts and only 10% life.

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