Savor the Season

This Week’s Challenge: Savor 1 thing each day.

During the holidays, it is easy to feel like our pal Rudolph in the photo above. But, this week we challenge you to savor the season.

Female IQ has talked about the concept of savoring multiple times. Savoring is a form of mindfulness that helps us generate peace and happiness.

Here are three simple steps to savoring:

  • Predetermine one thing you are going to savor each day such as deciding to savor a good cup of tea.
  • Pick a time you know you will not be interrupted or at least a time with minimal interference.
  • Spend five minutes savoring your one thing, asking yourself questions that evoke the senses such as, “How does thing feel?” or “How does this thing taste?”

Bonus: Outside of savoring your one thing, you can also savor other moments in your day such as driving to the grocery store for the 100th time (just try and find something you like about the drive) or taking a minute to look at your Christmas tree and laugh at some of your goofy ornaments.

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