Female IQ Podcast Episode 41: Jenny Cawthon & Greenjoy

Female IQ recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jenny Cawthon. She is the founder of Greenjoy, a health food company that, with innovative products, foodie flavors and pure ingredients, is helping more people to love, eat and crave vegetables every day.

Thoughtful, dynamic and intelligent, Jenny is also a rock star mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur. In this episode, she shares her insights on:

  • Food as fuel.
  • Being a foodie and wanting to share that passion.
  • Super food dressings, nut mixes and bars.
  • Teaching our children to eat healthy.
  • Being a working mom in a challenging industry.
  • Family legacy.
  • The future of Greenjoy.

“We believe every woman has something intelligent to say. Let’s listen.” —Becca & Laura

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